Castle Creations BEC Switching Regulator

Castle Creations BEC Switching Regulator

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By now many of you are aware of the Castle Creations BEC unit. Many of you I'm sure have one if not many of these tiny little units. Whether you fly planes or heli's or dabble in rc rock crawlers these little devices can give your servo's the full power they need when the ESC's built in BEC just can't do it.

So a basic run down is that BEC stands for Battery Eliminator Circuit. Many of todays's ESC's have these built into them eliminating the use of a separate battery pack for the receiver and servo's. But many of those built in units only put out 4.8 volts and around 2 to 3 amps. Meaning that you get slow servo rates and are limited to the number of servo's used. The CC BEC eliminates that built in unit or acts as a BEC if the ESC doesn't have one.

It gets wired in to your Main Battery and knocks down the voltage to the pre-programmed voltage you set with the use of the CC Field Link for Flying system and your computer. Most servo's max at 6 volts so take that in mind when using a CC BEC unit. The basic use is great because you can add it to any system to get full power to your servo's.

Current Output: 10A Peak

Output Voltage: 5.1 volts out of the package but users may set output voltage from 4.8V to 9V using the Castle Link for Flying(sold separately here).

Input Voltage: 5V to 25.2V (2S-6S Lipo Packs)

Dimensions: 1.2"(30mm) x 0.6"(15mm) x 0.4"(10mm)

Weight: 0.4 oz.(11 grams)

But that's not all. The CC BEC unit has another use that many are not aware of. You can also use it to regulate voltage from a battery pack. Say you have a system that requires a separate receiver pack. But you want to use a Li-Po receiver pack that is rated at 7.4 volts and your system can only handle 6 volts max. Simple you use a CC BEC to regulate the voltage from 7.4 volts to 6.0 volts by again programming it with the CC Link System. Applications for this would be an 1/8th scale Nitro or gas buggy or a larger plane the the ESC doesn't have the BEC built into it.

Another use for the CC BEC unit is to power light systems on planes, helis', and scale rc cars and trucks. Many of these lighting systems require different voltages as well which you can set via the CC Link System.

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