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 Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 8000 2S 7.4v Dual Core RC Battery Pack 
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- May 20th 2022

Class A service as always, happy customer, keep making those great batteries. #maxampsforthewin

Your batteries are the best!

- July 02nd 2021

Your batteries are the best! Ty for the great products!

Both batteries perform awesomely.

- April 15th 2021

Both batteries perform awesomely. glad I found yall to get them from. will be ordering another one in the future. thanks

Power and run time!

- March 02nd 2021

I received the battery and am pleased with both the power and run time. Thanks!

very happy with the service I received

- February 10th 2021

I was very happy with the service I received on my replacement battery.

I am very happy with the battery.

- February 03rd 2021

I am very happy with the battery. My son races 1/10 scale solid axle Monster Trucks. The big tires put a lot of demand on the batteries. I have had a lot of problems with other brands "swelling" after not a lot of use. Very expensive. Your battery has not done this and has a lot of "punch" I will be replacing all of his racing batteries one by one with yours. You get what you pay for !!! Thank You.

You did amazing MaxAmps!!

- August 14th 2020

You did amazing MaxAmps!! I’m super happy with how fast I got a replacement battery.
The whole process was easy to follow and everyone at MaxAmps that I spoke to was friendly and helpful.
Thank you so much MaxAmps.


- July 23rd 2020

Great couldn't be any better

Savage XS Flux

- February 13th 2018

If you have a Savage XS Flux, this is the biggest and the best battery that will fit.

great battery

- December 23rd 2017

running in a tekno SC 410.3. with Gen2 RX8 and HD4300 with no problems.It's a little bit larger and heavier.It has a long run time and doesn't get HOT.

Great 2S Lipo

- October 12th 2017

I've run this pack 8 times now, great power delivery and no noticeable fall off. A little heavy, but nothing that can't be adjusted for. I will buy these packs again. 2 thumbs up.

Awsome Battery

- May 31st 2016

This is by far the best battery I have ever used. Great punch and long lasting. The only down side and only reason I give this 4 stars (should be like 4 1/2 stars) is the size and weight. As a "RACE PACK" I think it is to heavy. The weight kind of offsets the extra power that the battery creates. This is more than likely my fault for not reading the complete specs for this pack. With that being said I can not complain one bit about the build quality on this pack. TOP NOTCH.


- May 23rd 2016

Maxamps #1 in batterys ! ! !

Strong and Well Built

- March 27th 2016

I've only ran this battery twice. Both were a-mains and it performed very well. It lasted the full 8 minutes with no noticable drop off. When I pulled it out of the truck it was slightly warmer than ambient tempurature, about 80°F and had no puff. Expensive for me to buy with my low income but an awesome battery. I'll save up for another MaxAmps battery for my other vehicles.


- March 27th 2016

Use this battery in my wraith crawler great power out of my tekin fxr set up my average run time is over and hour and a half love theses battery's me and all my friends run max amps in all our rc's


- February 12th 2016

I never had a LiPo Battery that gave me more Torque or speed from a battery than a Maxamps Race Pack DUAL CORE, TRUE 150C, Battery. 5-STAR ALL THE WAY ! ! ! ! ! Quality Products and Customer Service to. MaxAmps, the only battery I use.

They were great

- December 31st 2015

They were great yep I've had them running with my guys now for a bit and there very happy. I will look at a future order early in the new year all going well.

Excellent Product !

- November 05th 2015

Powerful,yet very usable product! I recommend these batteries for anyone who want the best and the most power available!


- October 27th 2015

Very personable top notch customer service. Excellent product. I have only used these twice in my Yeti XL now but noticed a long run time and virtually no heat from the batteries during heavy use or while charging at 8 amps. They may be a far better value than my old Venom batteries.

Amazing batteries!

- September 22nd 2015

Bought a set for my Yeti XL and another for my friend's. WOW. These batteries are amazing! Great run time (over 30 minutes running flat out), amazing power, and they shipped super fast! They definitely live up to the reputation. Customer Service is great!

Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 8000 2-cell

- May 01st 2015

Great Pack!I purchased after reading some of the reviews about the amount of power this pack has I thought I would give it a try in my TLR TEN SCTE 2.0. I was afraid it would not fit but I just replaced my 7/8" battery mount cap screws with some 1" ones and it fits perfect. My truck now packs enough punch to get me over those pesky triples with ease. Be sure to monitor motor temps as this pack will allow you long run times, adjust gearing if you have to. While others are off track swapping packs I am still running strong, allowing me to practice run all alone on a desolate track with few others to avoid on busy Saturday practices. Incidentally I am running a Tekin 4HD 3000kV with RX8G2 ESC. This motor is recommended for 3s but with this 2s pack I have more than enough power to whip around the track, and keep things cool. I am also a proud owner of Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 6500 2-cell for races. I love MaxAmps and the customer service is the best around. You get what you pay for!

Eric Johnson

- March 12th 2015

This battery will pit out all of the power a stock 12 turn titon motor will need to put u in the front of the pack. I hade to change my gearing as it made my motor run hot on the track. I run it on a small oval and I ran on a big oval. It did fine. So be sure you check the temp the first few times on the track. Overall I'll give it a rating of 100%. I'll by another one that's for sure.

Robert Barker Sr

- March 11th 2015

I purchased this battery to run in a SC10 short course late model class on a dirt oval track. With long mains of 100 laps I was able to run more throttle longer than other batteries I have used. You can't beat the performance of this battery. I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

Michael Brown

- December 30th 2014

Best battery ever had. I use it in my rc pulling truck and tractors and it has so much punch it causes my tires on my pullers to stretch to the limit because the dual core and the c rating in them is off the charts

Josh Peer

- November 26th 2014

This is the best battery I have ever used. I run it in my Tekno SCT410 with the tekin pro4 4300HD motor. I highly recommend it for any short course truck. Thanks, y'all make great batteries.

Steve Gordon

- March 27th 2014

WOW!!! is all I can say I use these in my modified losi SCTE
with MIP Chassis I win every time unless I break something the power output is crazy not to mention the the unheard of run time I am running a 4.5 Turn Tekin Motor With a RX8 speed Control I can get about 15 min. run time with this pack even with the timming advanced on the motor.

Thanks Max Amps for a great product


- January 12th 2013

A long running battery! I was not sure if they would fit in my Losi Scte Truck but they do with the stock Losi Velcro straps. I mainly use these batteries for practicing prior to racing. We have about 2 hours of practice before racing starts. The 8000's will last well around 1.5 hours of hard running on the track with breaks for adjustments included. This gives me plenty of time to lay down lots of laps and save my race packs. Side note, these will not fit in my Savage Flux or I would of bought two.

Josh Barker

- July 10th 2012

Got a pair of packs for my 1/8th scale. Power is amazing. Balded the tires on the first day. Not only are they powerful but they last a long time. Didn't have to charge the whole first night of running. Still had 30% when I went to charge the next day... WOW!

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