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 HP-EOS720iDUO3 Hyperion Super Duo 7S 16N Charger-Dual 20A 500W 
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Very happy with..

- April 15th 2021

Very happy with your 24V power supply and the Hyperion charger....have cycled the pair of 4s Lipos you sent.
Pleased overall with your product (first-time customer)!!

Versatility at its best!

- July 28th 2017

This charger is among the most versatile chargers on the market. The manual leaves a little to be desired, but the YouTube videos uploaded by the MaxAmps team are a huge help!

Hyperion super duo 7s

- August 16th 2016

i already had one of these and really liked it, and when it came time expand my charging capabilities and buying another charger, it made sense to buy another of the same model and type.

State of The Art Charger

- June 03rd 2016

We like our Hyperion Super Duo 7S 16N charger.


- April 25th 2016

Def one if not the best charger on the market MaxAmps customer service is awesome

Great charger

- March 22nd 2016

I've been a Hyperion guy for some time and this charger takes it to another level. Thanks so much to Maxamps for getting it to me in two days. This is truly the last charger you'll ever need.

Best Charger Period

- January 15th 2016

I have used many different chargers however the Hyperon 720i when paired with the Maxamps 24v 47 amp power supply is in a different league. I can charge my Maxamps 6500 mah 2s batteries in about 30-40 minutes compared to around 70-90 minutes on my previous charger, another great feature is the menu system allowing you to control pretty much every setting and allowing you to charge just about every type of battery. If you are thinking about buying this do yourself a favour and just order it with the 24v Maxamps psu you won't be disappointed.

Exactly what I expected of the Hyperion Super Duo 7S

- December 03rd 2015

Awesome charger, so glad a friend recommended it and you for your service.

3 year review

- August 28th 2015

After three years this charger is still going strong.I don't regret buying this at all & you won't either. If you buy the complete kit like I did(charger, power supply, plus two batteries) you can't go wrong.

awesome charger

- July 28th 2015

Little tricky at first set up but awesome

Steve Smith

- March 10th 2015

This is one bad a** charger that is capable of charging anything you can throw at it i mean anything and will do it fast also, charging, balancing, cycling it is hands down the best charger i have ever used in 37 years of racing and charging batteries for racing. just not a better one out there. i go through a lot of batteries on track days and practice days. im thinking of buying a 2nd one to be able to do everything 4 times as fast..bottom line look no farther the best is right here..


- March 06th 2015

Fantastic product, and included product literature was very easy to understand.

- May 27th 2013

all I can say is wow!

D. Taylor

- September 04th 2012

I love this SUPERCHARGER!!! Now I can stop using two Passport Ultras to charge my batteries & do it in half the time. Balance charge in "SYNC" mode with 40A/1000W is incredible. This amp hungry charger needs a MAXAMPS 24V/1150W power supply which I also have. Now I have a complete charging station that can't be beat for the price.


- July 06th 2012

The best charger money can buy IMO! Thanx again MaxAmps!

Steven Esposito

- March 01st 2012

I bought the EOS0720i & Max Amps Best power supply & it's the BEST setup Ever!!! Plus the Guys at Max Amps..Dustin & Clint answered all of my questions over the phone..those 2 guys are the Best!!

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