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 LiPo 2000 2S 7.4v Battery Pack 
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You did very well.

- April 15th 2021

You did very well. The recommendation your salesperson made provided exactly what I needed. No complaints at all.

How did you do? Wonderful!

- April 15th 2021

How did you do? Wonderful! Very high-quality product. Will be purchasing from you again in the future.

You guys are top notch.

- July 27th 2020

You guys are top notch. Best in the business. All of the batteries I’ve received have performed extremely well. You even packaged a custom battery for our team to use. Thank you very much for the excellent product and support. I’ll run no other battery for drag racing.

Thanks again

They roll out the red carpet!

- August 03rd 2017

The entire experience at MaxAmps has been phenomenal. The packaging instructions, and more are the best in the industry.

The battery pack itself comes with a checklist indicating who assembled, checked, and inspected your battery and all steps were well done.

The battery performs well and I have no complaints either. You won't waste your money on MaxAmps!

Lipo 2000mah 2s 7.4v

- May 17th 2017

Great product, very compact and the quality is over the TOP!! worked great in a scratch built mini crawler that i had built,not to mention the customer service is second to none!
thanks!! all the way from Hawaii

Some really kick butt batteries and customer service

- August 22nd 2016

Thanks again for making my batteries just the way i asked your wonderful crew to do. Two thumbs up from me :-) peace

great battery, shipping lacks

- February 18th 2016

Excellent battery, they need to work on free shipping option. Way too long to receive battery. Don't kill an excellent record because of this.:-(. Used to get my battery in 2-4 days with free shipping, what happened?


- November 02nd 2015

Great battery pack, I have more runtime and my mini T, more funtimeeeee thanks maxamps

Thank you!

- August 03rd 2015

There was a problem with shipping and it took over three weeks to receive my batteries but I was refunded and got my product. I feel that maxamps handled the situation very professionally. The batteries are great as well. I would definitely do business with them again!!

Outstanding as always

- July 21st 2015

Maxamps batteries are the best performing batteries I have ever had. I have a few different offerings and they all stand up well. These 2s 2000mah packs are light and compact. I run them in series on a buggy, the weight savings and instant punch I get from the batteries is amazing. My buggy handles much better with these packs.
Plus customer service is the best in the industry.

DK New York

- April 17th 2013

This pack combined with a quality brushless system equals long run times, low temps, and lots of fun. Thanks MaxAmps, you impressed me again.

Ryan Mahar

- April 11th 2012

I bought this pack for my 2 monster trucks that weight between 8 and 10 lbs.I use it just for racing competition and it blows my mind how good it makes these trucks rip.It is just wicked!I will never use another battery company now.The batteries rock along with their great customer service.I have ordered more batteries since and will continue to be a Max Amps customer for life.Thanks Max Amps!!!


- August 16th 2011

A friend and I ordered these for our Losi mini sct's and are very impressed by this company! Great workmanship,quality components,and professional packaging!(They even threw in some cool MaxAmps decals)These batteries bring out the best in our rc trucks with almost twice the acceleration and a little more top end MaxAmps Rocks!!


- June 28th 2011

Awesome LiPo's! I'm running this on my Tamiya High Lift with a Novak Rooster Crawler esc. I get over am hour of crawling time with this bad boy!

MaxAmps is the best!


- March 28th 2011

Great battery for my Losi Mini SCT, Lasted about 45 minutes on the track, anyone with a mini sct should buy this battery!


- October 24th 2010

Great. Perfect size for my AX10.

- June 01st 2009

Great for crawling!! Over an hour!! Run time with the Novak Rooster crawler and 55t on my Axial ax-10. Very small fits on the Axial low CG plate Perfect.

Espen Blikstad

- July 30th 2008

I have held back on LiPo, but no more! This pack doubled my Mini-LST2 runtime over 1400mah NIMH to 20 minutes. A little more top speed and much more punch. This pack fits this truck really good. Exactly the same weight as NIMH.

My goal was 30 minutes of runtime, and my brushless system is a bit too much. The Mamba 6800 gets really hot and I'm tuning shocks, suspensions and drivetrain to get the awesome power to the ground. The Sidewinder Micro LiPo cutoff works perfect. The battery holds up really well until the last second.

My Hyperion computer charger measured 2273mAh on the 2. charge on the first pack I used (75 minutes charge time). The pack barely gets warm while running and not at all while charging.

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