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 MaxAmps Dual LiPo 9000XL 14.8V ARTR Kit for 8S X-Maxx® 
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Lots of power!

- April 20th 2022

I am very happy with this battery. It has lots of power and runs my DBLXE and Kraton well. Quality service! Keep up the good work!

Amazing batteries! I get tired before they do on an X-Maxx :).

- December 02nd 2021

Amazing batteries! I get tired before they do on an X-Maxx :). Just buy them already :). They barely fit stock 2021 X-Maxx but they run forever :).

Top shelf batteries for a top shelf R/C :).

- November 27th 2021

I bought these batteries for my new X-Maxx and OMG :). It's like Whiskey until you try the expensive brand you don't how good it really is :).

The LiPos have been great!

- March 25th 2021

The LiPos have been great! No issues and plenty of run time. This was my second set of batteries I purchased from you guys and they’re fantastic and well worth it! Excellent customer service!! I will no longer purchase another battery for my cars!

Really enjoy the longer run time.

- March 25th 2021

The batteries for the xmaxx are awesome! Really enjoy the longer run time. Awesome products max amp for my 15s 5TH scale to my little slashes. Best I've used!

great company and great people

- March 24th 2021

my experience with max amps has been very good overall

I had one bad cell on a new pack which was dealt with quickly and efficiently

I then damaged a pack in a crash and I was offered a good discount on a crash replacement which I accepted

great company and great people

Service and the quality!

- February 17th 2021

Very impressed with the service and the quality!

My friends are Jealous

- February 16th 2021

Awesome service, great batteries, my friends are jealous.

Did awesome as usual!!

- October 29th 2020

Did awesome as usual!! Love ordering from your company always get the best I believe!

You did great.

- July 28th 2020

You did great. The new batteries are awesome and I am referring you guys to all my friends . A couple of us have done some comparisons with other batteries and hands down the max amps have outperformed ... you guys are the best

Definitely see the difference...

- July 10th 2020

Definitely see the difference in power to my R.C's!! Satisfied with my purchases and plan on getting one more set soon!

Exactly what I was looking for

- April 14th 2020

The 4 batteries that I purchased for my Xmaxx are awesome!

Perfect Customer Service

- August 22nd 2018

Picked up a set about a 10 months ago. Simply put, amazing - though they are hard on ESCs with the sustained 100C output and long run times... after a particularly hard bash (BMX track) I had damaged the leading cell in both packs as well as puffed a bit (these do not puff usually). Thought to myself "great, there goes a ton of money" - called Maxamps, talked to customer service and they said send them back. A little while later, BRAND FRIGGEN NEW ONES showed up at my door, only cost was postage on my end to send the bunk ones to them. The packs I sent them were well used - I'd guess at least 65-70 cycles and used hard each time. Immediately has made me a fan for life. I now have their packs for my MERV, Stampede and ERevo v2.

Head and shoulders above the rest

- August 17th 2018

Depends on what you want out of your RC. IMHO your packs are the single most important component, everything else relies on this factor; I have a 2028 setup /w XLX and man this goes like no mans business... expensive but worth it...


- January 04th 2018

These batteries are awesome. The runtime was long and the truck had so much power . Will always buy maxxamps batteries for my rc trucks!

Basher just wanted to say thank you

- June 16th 2017

Hi I'm James scheid I live in Billings MT and I just wanted to say Thank you for warranting my batteries after one caught fire from a front end crash it means alot to me that you guys did that money isn't something that I have alot of and it completely made my year that you guys stood behind your product I talk highly of you guys to people around here when that ask if it's worth the money I will have John and Lynda at abell hobby send you some better videos once I get a ESC for my xmaxx to redeem my self after freezing on that jump I'm definitely going to be getting some more batteries once I get some money saved up you guys make amazing batteries and looking forward to flying my truck again with your guys batteries and stickers on my truck once I order some more stickers keep up the good work and thank you again means alot to me hope you guys have a good summer.

Top shelf cars deserve top shelf batteries

- March 16th 2017

Great run time, great acceleration from a stop and these batteries haven't even been broken in yet!

Smaller than any other comparable mAh battery so it fits in the battery tray (just remove the foam pad first) and 12awg wires that can handle the amp capacity required to power the 8S X-Maxx properly.

4S Lipo 9000mAh review & Hyperion Duo charger

- February 17th 2017

These 4S Lipo battery packs are amazing. Unrivaled run time and exceptional power.

They are a tight fight in the X Maxx, you will need to use a razor-blade and remove the foam in the battery compartment for a proper fit.

The Hyperion Duo charger is equally good. From half to full charge in under an hour. Charger stays cool even at high amps.

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