BattleBots World Championship VII Featuring MaxAmps!

BattleBots World Championship VII Featuring MaxAmps!

Have you ever heard of a battle bot? For many years, MaxAmps Lithium Batteries has been powering robots in the Battlebots league. BattleBots is the number one robot combat TV show! The show now has coverage in over 150 countries and is hosting their Championship from October 18th through the 30th!

This huge event is held in Las Vegas, baby! But we don’t just want this Championship to stay in Vegas, we would love to put a spotlight on some bots using MaxAmps batteries so you can watch out for them. Please cheer for all the MaxAmps powered robot fighting machines! Watch for our logo in the introduction of these bots.

  • Witch Doctor

  • End Game

  • Riptide

  • Team Whiplash/Defender

  • Hydra

  • Team Minotaur

  • Team Mammoth

  • Black Dragon

  • Skorpios

  • Megabyte/Cobalt

  • Team Blood Sport

  • SawBlaze

  • Samurai

  • Triton

  • ShredditBro

  • Emulsifier

  • Shatter


If you’ve never seen BattleBots before, make sure you tune in on this year’s Championship! There’s knockout robot battles, a panel of judges, and in the end, only one winner. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The series also features a behind the scenes look on the design and build of each robot, bot-builder backstories, and more. Check it out for yourself!