MaxAmps Story

Our story started in a 2-car garage back in 2004. I had decided to start using rechargeable AA NIMH cells soldered into a battery pack to use personally in my own RC plane called a Zagi. It was built using clear speaker wire, oversized shrink wrap, and was far from the high-quality batteries that we offer today. After a conversation with a friend, I tried throwing one of these beauties on eBay to see if it would sell. I was shocked and amazed that the pack sold overnight and the MaxAmps dream was born.

Aiden is born 2005

From there, I had a long conversation with my wife, Shannon, about spending $500 (almost all our savings at the time) to buy battery cells in bulk so that I could build them into battery packs and sell them on the "internet". Of course, she thought I was crazy. After several hours of discussion, she gave in and got onboard with the idea of attempting to start a battery company.

The family in 2009

In the beginning, Shannon would answer phone calls and questions during the day while I worked full time as a mortgage broker. At night, I would build batteries and work on the website and building the business, many days till 2-3 in the morning. While learning more about batteries, we went through several batches of bad cells that almost ruined our reputation.

Shannon and Austin 2007

Frankly, looking back on it, the quality of the batteries I was building in the beginning were horrible. There were times that we had to call and refund customers for entire batches of LiPo cells. Through it all, we were able to learn from our mistakes and see them as opportunities. The company did not make a dime for at least 3-4 years in the beginning as we were paying for mistakes and trying to dial in the systems to create the very best battery packs that we could. I am so thankful for the customers that were willing to stick with us in spite of our setbacks. Focusing on our customers first has gotten us where we are today and has become one of our core values as a company. Through this process of trial and error, we have created award-winning batteries that are the highest performing batteries in the world.

The Original MaxAmps Lipo's 2005

Out of all the battery suppliers on the market, we were the very first to offer LiPo batteries for RC cars. When the UAV and drone market started, we were poised to be the industry leader for the aerospace industry by providing the most energy dense batteries available anywhere in the world. We assemble all our packs here in the USA and build them to order with factory fresh cells so that you don't get a pack that has been sitting on the shelf for months or even years. You can order it any way you want, including cells, plugs, wire, and even the wrap around the battery can be customized to your specific needs and configuration.

Clint's office 2006

LiPo cells are graded from A to F from the factory. We only use A grade cells, which are more expensive but worth it in both safety and performance. Over many years, we learned to use a unique and proprietary method to attach one cell to the next. Our process lowers the resistance of the connections between cells and insures the highest discharge possible from each individual cell. We also pre-match all the cells in the pack with other cells of the exact same voltage to minimize future balancing issues.

Over time, we realized that to keep assembly here in the USA, we would have to give our customers a reason to pay the higher prices that we would need to charge. Without our fanatical attention to quality, there would be no noticeable difference in the performance and appearance of our battery packs.

We ask all our team members here to under-promise and over-deliver and that sets us apart from our competition. If we say we will do something, we do it, and then some. This is the reason we send free gifts and hand-written thank you notes to every one of our customers. We want to create raving fans and not just happy customers. After all, almost all of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals and we want to keep it that way. We would rather invest in higher quality products, R&D, and a seamless customer experience than spend money on advertising.

RCX 2008

As a worldwide leader in lithium battery solutions, we must innovate and create solutions, not problems. Examples of this include our multi-voltage batteries, our smart batteries, our power supplies, and our multi-core packs. We provide full end-to-end battery solutions including adding all the needed connectors, balance plugs, and charging systems. This creates a seamless customer experience that makes our clients lives easier.

We have a very unique culture and team here at MaxAmps. Many of our employees have been with us for 10 to 15 years or more. We rarely have turn-over because we promote from inside the company and all our team members are open to personal growth.

The crew in 2007

We are known in the industry for our high quality and service. We back up our products with a lifetime warranty. There are thousands upon thousands of loyal MaxAmps customers out there that will not buy batteries anywhere else. We are always available to take phone calls and answer questions via email or live help on the website. Our MaxAmps cells are superior in energy density, voltage under load, and life cycles. By constantly testing new cells, we can be sure we are always offering the highest performing technology available.

The Vegas Crew 2021

Choosing to do business with MaxAmps will get you better performance, reliability, and life cycles. It is always a great day at MaxAmps!


Austin Else
Owner, MaxAmps