Breaking a World Record

Breaking a World Record

MaxAmps is always looking for someone or something to bring out what is best about this hobby. It is harder than you think sometimes to find the guys that are so into this hobby that they have made it a part of who they are. Breaking a record or winning a race becomes a reflection of the challenges they have faced and those still to come. The character these people possess is contagious and those around them will be affected. These people blaze a path for others to follow.

Another has presented himself as a pillar for something more. In January of 2013 David Stevens was brainstorming ideas for promoting F1 RC racing and the idea of a World Record Attempt stood out as one that would have mass appeal both within the RC world and with those that had never heard of radio control car racing. There are several existing Guinness World Records set by RC cars but the one that stood out for David was the ‘Greatest distance on a single battery’. It could be achieved in a relatively short period of time while igniting the imagination of the general public and sponsors alike.

David then contacted the sources he thought could help him achieve his goals. Metro Hobbies provided the Formula1 car and the LRP Electronics that would hold up to the distance. F1 Paintlabs turned his car into a beautiful work of art. Finally, MaxAmps provided the battery that would break a world record.

This simple decision to set a precedent such as this will now stand as a challenge to any that dream to go bigger. Whether this record stands for a week or 10 years he will know he made a difference. By accomplishing his goal he has pushed someone else to try something new, shared a hobby with someone, and created growth in a new direction.

Be a part of this event and check out the video posted by David Stevens at RC Formula1


David has been racing RC cars with his son Aaron for the past 7 years. He is the President of the Templestowe Flat Track Racers club in Melbourne, a regular contributor to Racing Lines RC magazine, and founder of RC Formula1 whose mission is to promote F1 RC racing.

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–          Joshua Barker PR Manager