Dual Core… lipo pack?

Dual Core… lipo pack?

Dual Core has been synonymous with computer processors for years. MaxAmps is hoping to change that however with our new line of packs boasting this terminology. What is a Dual Core pack? Dual core in our case refers to how the pack is built. As a standard, a lipo cell is made of a particular Mah and that cell is then built into a pack. As you go larger in Mah for a single cell you lose the capable discharge rate a cell is capable of handling. Basically bigger cells can’t produce the same high comparable discharge rates that a smaller cell can. The solution to this issue however is to use two smaller cells that have the higher discharge rate and put them together in parallel. This way not only do you get a strong performing pack but it has the runtime to boot.  When put into parallel the power consumption is then split between the two cells making it far more manageable. This is Dual Core technology.

That is quite the mouthful. Watch as our employees are put on the spot and try and define what Dual core means to them.


With this technology we are able to build even larger packs than previously possible without compromising amp draw. Our new line of packs designed specifically for the new UAV Multirotor market are revolutionizing what these systems can accomplish.

UAV Multirotor Packs

Having packs up to 12000mah and up to 7s on our website allows for the most common battery requirements.We don’t stop there however, just give our friendly professionals at MaxAmps.com a call if you need something out of the ordinary as we manufacture our packs right here in the US! We can build a pack to fit most applications and needs.  Toll Free 888 654 4450.


– Joshua Barker PR Manager