Getting Techie for Tekno RC

Getting Techie for Tekno RC

We recently had an opportunity to unbox and put together the new Tekno RC EB48 1/8th Scale Buggy. We were excited in anticipation for this new setup as Tekno RC has always had a great line up of upgrade parts for existing setups. We figured an RC designed entirely by Tekno RC would be an elite setup and we were right!

Opening the box up we saw all of the parts bagged nicely with a letter of the alphabet corresponding them directly to the manual. No guess and check work.  After laying out the parts we dug in. Each bag of the EB48 only has the parts necessary for that step. No parts lying around and getting mixed up for later setup.

The instructions were very clear and well written. For any of us that have put together even an Ikea desk we know the importance of clear instructions. They also provided clear pictures to help you along the way. Even the “options” steps are listed at each point for a different part that could be used. There were no modifications necessary when putting the parts together. Everything fit perfectly.

During construction it looks like you are going to be pressed for enough space for all of the electronics. We wanted to put in the Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC and 2200KV motor which is by no means a small setup. Don’t worry however as this compact design can fit even the largest of 1/8th scale setups with ease.

The tuning capabilities for the EB48 are endless with adjustment points at several locations on the chassis. In fact it may seem a bit overwhelming trying to determine the exact setup for you. Do not fear however as Tekno RC have setup sheets available to help with various track types and conditions. We went with a rough track setup for our test track.

This is a “new age” of 1/8th scale buggy. With its low center of gravity and narrow design it will be a force to reckon with. Add a top end power system and a good driver and this setup should be unstoppable. It is upgraded from top to bottom meaning no additional parts necessary. This is a dream for most racers that break the bank trying to get their setups up to par.

For information pertaining specifically to The EB48 buggy visit Tekno directly at Tekno RC

Well now that we have it built it is time to take it out to the track. Stay tuned for the rundown on the dirt!

– Joshua Barker PR Marketing