How long can a Lithium-ion battery last without charging? - Lithium-ion storage tips

How long can a Lithium-ion battery last without charging? - Lithium-ion storage tips

Lithium-ion batteries can go one month without being charged. A lithium-ion battery should be cycled once per month. Cycling would include a full charge of the battery, a full discharge of the battery, and then a charge up to storage voltage (roughly 60% of the capacity of the battery). This procedure will keep your lithium-ion batteries running strong even when they are not being used.

Here are a couple more questions that people have when it comes to storing their lithium-ion batteries for extended periods.

What environment should I store my lithium-ion batteries in?

You should store your lithium-ion batteries in a room-temperature environment because the batteries do not like to be really cold or really hot, so like Goldilocks, pick a room temperature that is just right. Be sure to store it in a dry environment. Condensation can leak into the batteries and potentially cause problems, so as a general rule, try to avoid wet environments when storing your batteries.

How do I run a cycle on my lithium-ion batteries?

Your lithium-ion charger should have a charge, discharge, and storage mode. So if you want to run a cycle, all you need to do is charge up to the maximum voltage (4.2 volts per cell). Then either run your battery in your application, or if your application is not available, like if your drone is down for the winter, then just run the discharge setting on your charger, and it will perform the same task. Finally, charge your battery back up to storage voltage (60% capacity) using the storage charge setting, and you are good to go for another month.

Should I store my lithium-ion batteries in a fireproof container?

Yes! We would recommend storing your batteries in a fireproof container, like a LiPo sack. It is very unlikely that a lithium-ion battery fire happens when the battery is sitting and is being stored properly. But if you forget to cycle your batteries for a while, you are more likely to have a problem with the cells getting out of balance and a fire potentially happening. So even though it is very unlikely, it is always recommended to store Li-ion batteries in a fireproof container, just in case.


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