Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Where is RC going? What will it be in 6 months, 2 years, or 5 years?  How can we change with and develop the industry? How do we continue or even begin to affect the innovations we imagine?

Trying to stay on the cutting edge of anything these days is a challenge. Back in the day (about 10 years ago…lol) when MaxAmps first came on the scene we were able to really bring LiPos into the car market. We provided LiPo packs and NiMH packs for brushed setups at that time. Every system required a low voltage alarm or soldered in low voltage cutoff if they used lipos. Brushed motors burned out faster and most of the chargers available would not even charge a LiPo. I am sure you could imagine the complications and the increased risk of being a LiPo manufacturer, but this was the dream we had envisioned.

Thus, we went about providing packs and educating wherever possible as we learned about the technology ourselves. Developing the techniques we used to build and care for the packs as well as discovering the cause of failures in most situations. Learning from those failures you see things like brushless motors, built-in low voltage cutoffs, balancing chargers, and LiPo maintenance. Each of these innovations is on the cutting edge of where we were heading, and have served to build you the fastest and longest running setups available today.

Although we may not have been the initial designers of the brushless motor or balance charger we have made advances to batteries themselves. Creating stronger connections for higher amp draw capabilities, water proofing packs, using only the freshest cells, and the ability to completely customize a pack have kept us on that cutting edge, producing only the highest quality products.

The last significant growth for this industry was the design of the vehicles themselves. Short course trucks, buggies, and monster trucks are the big sellers today and will continue to be so until that next best thing comes along. And it may not be a new vehicle that will be that next big idea. It could be a new ESC, motor, battery, or even a new type of RC that changes how everything has been done up to this point.

At MaxAmps, we expend our resources looking for and developing the next big thing in batteries. The introduction of our Multi-Voltage packs and our water-cooled boat packs are a product of our time and resources. These are steps forward in the research and development of new technologies.

Where do we see RC? How about a battery that will charge in under a minute and provides enough power to jump start a full size car but is still small enough to fit into a cell phone? Interested? Well stay tuned as this isn’t as far out as you might think.

So what is the next game changer for this industry? Take a second to leave us a comment below and tell what you think the next big thing will be!


–          Joshua Barker PR Manager