1800mah 3-cell: New AR Drone Battery 1800mah 3-cell: New AR Drone Battery has packed more flight time and performance into their new 1800mah 3-cell LiPo for the AR Drone and AR Drone 2.0. These new packs have the highest capacity to energy density we have found that will keep your Drone in the air longer without affecting the flight capability.

The new 1800mah 3-cell is the perfect upgrade pack. The 1800mah 3-cell has 300mah more capacity than the upgrade 1500mah battery from Parrot. The 1800mah 3-cell provides  33% more flight time and features a 100c rating that will ensure you have tons of power and extra punch when needed.


NEW 1800mah 3-cell LiPo: 68mm x 32mm x 26mm, 126g


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Want a better charger? Click here for the 1800mah 11.1v RTR Kit.


–              Dan Gall Sales Manager