MaxAmps Into The Fire

MaxAmps Into The Fire

MaxAmps is actively supplying power to anyone and everyone wanting to push the limits of RC and technology in general. Whether it is a world record run with an RC car or a successful commercial shot with a multirotor MaxAmps powers the most demanding systems on the market today.

Not only do we get to hear about what our packs are used in but with today’s technology we get to actually see what these systems can do. Our packs work hard behind the scenes and we want to share these projects with you guys. Get more in depth with MaxAmps as we go into the fire and show you just how our packs are being used today. Whether in car, multirotor, or outside of RC we take you through the various exciting projects we get to be a part of. Enjoy!

Today you will get to see Team Driver Tim Smith Shattering the World Speed Record and his car at the same time. We were also sponsors for the 2013 Snowbirds in Florida and we stopped by to check out the action.


Special thanks to Mits Yamahata for the video of Tim Smith. Another of course to Tim Smith himself as yet again he works to raise the bar on high speed RC.

–          Joshua Barker PR Manager