New 800MaH Pack For The LaTrax Alias

New 800MaH Pack For The LaTrax Alias has packed more flight time and performance into their new 800mah 3.7v LiPo for the new LaTrax Alias quadcopter. This new pack has the highest capacity to energy density we have found and will keep your Alias in the air longer without affecting the flight capability.

The new 800mah 3.7v LiPo is the perfect upgrade pack. The 800mah 3.7v has 150mah more capacity than the stock 650mah battery. The 800mah 3.7v pack will give 15% more flight time featuring a 40c rating that will provide tons of power and extra punch when needed.


NEW 800mah 3.7v LiPo: 68mm x 25mm x 6mm, 21g