The 100MPH Challenge

The 100MPH Challenge

Some might think it easy to reach 100MPH when you see advertisements for vehicles that can go over 100MPH out of the box. The new Traxxas XO-1 boasts this feature and the videos online prove it has been achieved. So do these guys just pull this car out of the box, run out their front door, and go 100mph down their street?

The simple answer is no. It takes a lot of work to reach these higher speeds. There are lessons you learn along the way. Hopefully none that are too costly but even the costly kind do occur. From the runs we have made we have discovered a few tips that make a huge difference and we would like to share them with you.

  • First off, aim for something achievable to start. Starting at a goal of 50MPH will provide you with the base you need to reach the larger 70MPH and 100MPH Speeds. It feels like you are at 100MPH even at 50MPH if you have never reached this speed before.
  • Find an ideal place to run. If you live on a street that has dips, cracks, and wear marks you are going to bottom out or veer off course. Find a stretch of road/parking lot that provides plenty of space and is smooth.
  • Ease into the throttle. Going full throttle at the beginning of a run will only result in failure. You need to work up to the higher speeds.
  • Dual rate steering allows you to limit your steering throw when running at high speeds. Limiting your steering will keep you from overcorrecting and losing control.
  • Make sure your RC can handle the power. High speeds are hard on electronics. Heat buildup will happen fast. Limit yourself to a few passes and check your temperatures.
  • The tires you run will play a big role in your speed results. Many speed racers use foam tires. This allows for the most grip but they break down quickly so buy a few sets.
  • Outside temperatures can affect your runs greatly. Too cold and the tires wont grip. Too hot and you can have a meltdown on your first run.
  • Air flow on a body is another obstacle to tackle. Some bodies create air pockets that cause the vehicle to lift when accelerating making you lose grip. Make sure to cut the body to allow the air to escape. Limit resistance by venting wherever needed.

In the end there are hundreds of more tips just like these. Each is as valuable as the ones listed here. You will have to accelerate at your own pace. Pun intended. We wish you luck!

Got the need for speed? Go over 70 mph in your powered ride and you can win an exclusive custom t-shirt that cannot be purchased. It can only be earned. Club members also receive a free swag package. Hit 100 mph and you also get a custom hoodie.

To qualify, email us a link to your YouTube/Vimeo video showing the following:

1. Your battery in your vehicle.
2. GPS or radar proof of speed.

Once we receive your link, we will send you your club member t- shirt for a picture of you for the hall of fame. Email


– Joshua Barker PR Manager