The Next Generation of Kids

The Next Generation of Kids had a booth at RCX 2012 as we always do. It is always great to check out the new and exciting products on the market and see all of our industry friends. The most exciting part for me was not the new Traxxas funny cars or meeting Jarrod from Storage Wars. I was watching Drake and Cavalieri up on the drivers stand wondering how it was even possible to do what they do. They are elite athletes at the sport of RC car racing. More amazing to me was this six year old kid with a mohawk keeping up with the “big dogs”. As someone who has spent many years trying to perfect my driving skills, I stood there with my chin on the floor; it is absolutely incredible to me how quickly kids can learn things.


I quickly snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to my son who also happens to have a mohawk and is seven years old. Both of my sons love RC cars; what boy doesn’t? As a kid, I imagined my hot wheels cars being able to move on their own power and being able to control them. My first RC car was like magic to me.


Calling all Fathers


My seven year old just built his first differential on his caster buggy. He was so proud of himself. Most kids prefer to sit in front of the TV or play a video game. What will they learn playing a video game that will help them in their life? It is our responsibility as dads to get out there and teach our kids how things work. Yes, it takes twice as long to teach your kids to do something. It can be a slow and frustrating process at times.


However, when they are raised up and out of the house, you will look back on those times as the good ones. It is an investment in their future. Teach them to never give up and how to learn new things. Teach them the magic of electricity, gearing and suspension. Show them the competition of RC racing and being a good sport; win or lose.


Their teacher at school is not going to teach them basic mechanics, electronics, or the intense focus that RC racing requires. They won’t learn how to fix things that break. Our kids will be lucky to learn to read, write, and do basic math by the time they graduate. RC is a great hobby to spend time with your kids. Next time your car breaks, have them replace that shock. Teach them how electricity works. The earlier that you teach them, the faster they learn. My three year old remembers everything I teach him. Their minds are like a sponge for information.


Pass it along


You know that kid next door? The one that watches you race your RC car up and down the road every time you take it out? He may or may not have a father figure in his life. I am sure we can all agree that we have a parenting problem in this country. Take a few minutes to show a neighborhood kid your RC car. Give him your old car that you no longer use. Teach him how to work on it. The passion for RC could change the direction of his life. There are much worse hobbies that kids and teenagers could get into than radio control.


The future of our hobby


Kids are the future of this hobby that we love so much. Think of the guys who helped you learn RC. How much impact did they have on your life? I can tell you from experience, there is nothing better than watching your son running faster laps than you. Teach your kids the basics of RC and life. Break it, fix it and repeat.


-Austin Else