What battery can MaxAmps build for you?

What battery can MaxAmps build for you?

When it comes to ordering a battery, having the freedom to get it built how you need it can be vital. Here at MaxAmps.com we specialize in building reliable, custom LiPo batteries for anything that is battery powered. Below are a few customers that needed custom batteries built for there not so normal projects.

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Bosch Hand Trimmer

We recently built our 6000mah XL 3-cell LiPo batteries for Jeff/Natural AutoProducts.com, who needed longer run time for the hand tool trimmers used in his auto floor mat business.

See the LiPo battery we built for Jeff to use in his trimmers here (6000 3s).

Jeff Allwine- “It is not just the extra run time from the MaxAmps battery that is great, but the weight of the battery is not in the unit but attached to the belt of the operator so the operator does not get the fatigue as they would with the stock battery attached to the unit. The unit is 60-70% lighter. Run time is 3 times longer and life time – should be 3-4 times longer than the stock battery.”



Drag Car


We build LiPo batteries for scaled down RC cars on a daily basis. What people don’t know is we also build LiPo batteries for Chris Patrick, who uses them to start his full scale funny car. He drives a 69 Camaro with a huge motor that needs tons of cranking amps to get started.




Autonomous Submarine

Our LiPo batteries have recently gone underwater in an autonomous submarine. They used our LiPo batteries to compete in a collegiate competition.

See the LiPo battery we built for the submarine here (11000mah 7s, 11000mah 2s, 11000mah 4s)




UAV Multi-Rotor

With the world of UAV Drones growing so quick, we are keeping ourselves on the cutting edge to keep our clients machines in the air.

Ben Rowland, Yonder Blue Films- “We wanted the best batteries available for our multirotor camera platforms, so we chose MaxAmps.  Commercials, TV shows, feature films – our batteries get a ton of use and MaxAmps batteries have proved themselves to be reliable in the most extreme environments.  Along with plenty of reliable power, you also get friendly customer service.  That’s why Yonder Blue Films always flies Maxamps.” 

See the LiPo battery we built for Yonder Blue Films here (10900mah 4s)




In April 2012, Joanne spoke before the United Nations in New York, giving an address on the use of technology and challenging those present to build a robot for her to use. Joanna O’Riordan was born with no limbs, suffering from a very rare condition called total Amelia.



We are working with Conor McGinn and the Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland to give Joanne her independence.

Conor McGinn- “Finding a lightweight, high capacity, small form factor power supply for use on a state-of-the-art mobile robot is really tough task. However with the help of the team at MaxAmps, we found the perfect solution in their custom build lithium polymer battery packs and were able to achieve levels of performance that would be considered unprecedented only a few years ago. The guys at MaxAmps are a pleasure to deal with and provided us with a great deal of insight and advice in incorporating their batteries into our system. The quality is second to none and needless to say we sincerely look forward to continue working with them in the future!  “


See the LiPo batteries we built for the robot here (12000 4s, 10900 4s)


If you can dream it, MaxAmps can build it! Call us today 888-654-4450