What Are Custom Battery Packs?

What Are Custom Battery Packs?

Custom battery packs consist of multiple individual batteries arranged and linked in a precise configuration to fulfill the energy requirements of a specific device or application. Engineered to deliver enhanced energy output and prolonged lifespan compared to standard battery packs, they are particularly well-suited for devices with elevated power needs or distinctive energy and size constraints.

Benefits of Custom Battery Packs

  • Customization: Custom battery packs can be precisely adjusted to meet the specific energy needs of a device or application, including custom cases, plugs/clips, balance leads and many more options.
  • Compact size: Custom packs can be crafted to perfectly match the dimensions of a device, resulting in a more compact and seamlessly integrated energy source.
  • Higher energy output: Tailored packs can be engineered to deliver a higher level of energy output, making them ideal for devices with demanding power requirements.
  • Longer Battery Life: Custom packs are constructed using top-notch materials and advanced technology, resulting in a longer lifespan compared to off-the-shelf batteries.
  • Strength Upgrades: Many custom battery packs require strength upgrades to handle the intended purpose. there are many options including custom cut aluminum cases, high temperature 3d printed lead passage. 

Custom Battery Packs Applications

  • Military and aerospace: Custom packs are used in military and aerospace applications due to their high energy output and reliability.
  • Consumer electronics: From E-bikes to RC and drones, customized packs play a vital role in various consumer electronics, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  • Medical devices: Critical medical equipment such as portable oxygen concentrators and defibrillators rely on custom battery packs.

Where to Get a Custom Battery Pack

If you're in the market for a custom battery pack, look no further. For over 20 years MaxAmps has specialized in custom LiPo and Lithium ion batteries designed specifically for unmanned vehicles, autonomous systems(UAVs, UGVs, AUVs) and robotics applications.