Charger Tech

Do your chargers come with the correct connectors to fit my battery?

Yes! We offer the correct connectors on our chargers that are compatible with all of our connector options for our batteries available on our site. Whatever connector option you choose on your battery, choose the mating version of that connector in the dropdown on our chargers. If you have any questions about which connector you need to choose, you can contact our battery tech team here.

What is the best charger for my battery?

Great question! We offer many different chargers with many different capabilities so there is a very good chance that we have the best charging solution for you. AC or DC? 1S to 16S? We have them all. Want high amp charge rates for faster charging, we have those too. You can take a look at our charger capabilities sheet here or contact our battery tech team here to determine the best charger for your battery.

What is a power supply?

A power supply is a device that converts AC power from your standard wall outlet to DC power, allowing for a more powerful and efficient current into your charger. If you are looking for the fastest charging you are going to want a charger with a power supply. If you have any questions about which power supply to choose, you can contact our battery tech team here.

Do I need a power supply?

Some of our chargers need a power supply and some are optional. A quick way to determine if one of the chargers we offer here at MaxAmps requires a power supply is that it will have “DC” only in the product title. Chargers that do not require a power supply will have “AC/DC” in the product title. Some of our AC/DC chargers also have the option to power them with a power supply for higher wattage.  These will be designated with an “Add Power Supply” drop-down menu option.

How do I charge my battery?

If you are charging a LiPo, the basic steps after powering your charger on are:

  • Plug your main lead into your charger
  • Plug your balancing tap into your charger with a balance board or direct connect
  • Find the LiPo charge setting on your charger
  • Select the voltage of your battery that is displayed on your battery label
  • Select the amp rate you would like to charge at. All of our batteries can be balance charged up to 5C. To calculate your amp rate, look at the mAh number on your battery. Divide that number by 1000 and that gives you your amp rate at 1C. That amp number times 5 is your maximum charge rate. You can charge anywhere from 1C - 5C but the lower the C rate you charge the longer it will take.
  • Make sure you are on a balance charge mode
  • Charge up your battery

 Battery charging will differ slightly between chargers and batteries so if you have any questions or concerns contact our battery tech team here.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

The charge time will depend on the C rate you charge your battery at. Our batteries can be charged up to 5C. Here is a quick list of estimated charge times based on C rate.

  • 1C = about 1 hour
  • 2C = about 35 minutes
  • 3C = about 25 minutes
  • 4C = about 20 minutes
  • 5C = about 15 minutes

 If you have any questions about C rate and/or charging, check out our “How do I charge my battery?” FAQ or contact our battery tech team here.

Can I use an adapter to charge my battery?

You can use an adapter when charging without decreasing the performance of the battery or slowing down the charging process.