How do I charge my battery?

If you are charging a LiPo, the basic steps after powering your charger on are: 

  • Plug your main lead into your charger

  • Plug your balancing tap into your charger with a balance board or direct connect

  • Find the LiPo charge setting on your charger

  • Select the voltage of your battery that is displayed on your battery label

  • Select the amp rate you would like to charge at. All of our batteries can be balance charged up to 5C. To calculate your amp rate, look at the mAh number on your battery. Divide that number by 1000 and that gives you your amp rate at 1C. That amp number times 5 is your maximum charge rate. You can charge anywhere from 1C - 5C but the lower the C rate you charge the longer it will take.

  • Make sure you are on a balance charge mode

  • Charge up your battery

Battery charging will differ slightly between chargers and batteries so if you have any questions or concerns contact our battery tech team here.