MaxAmps Battery Upgrades

Hard case

Our aluminum-rubber composite hard case is a more durable rugged option for our batteries. With a lightweight design, it only adds 5mm to each dimension and only 5% to the weight of the battery. The full rubber seal makes it a great weatherproof option.

State of charge indicator

The state of charge indicator has a momentary push button that lights up LED's showing you the state of charge of your battery. It is a simple solution if you are in the field to see if your battery is fully charged before use.

Built in balance lead

Our built in balance lead eliminates external balance leads removing the risk of damaging a balance lead. It includes an adapter of your choice to be compatible with any charger you want.

Internal self balancing

Internal self balancing keeps each cell voltage in a battery balanced. This is an active board so it will start to work anytime cells have more than a .1 volt gap.

DroneCAN communication

DroneCAN communication can be installed in the battery to communicate with your vehicle.